Letters to the Editor January 2020

May 23, 2022

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Allow me to brag about two members of the AMSOlL team in Superior: Scott Davis and Scott Morse. They did good deeds and your readers need to know. To stay busy after I retired as a school superintendent, I started a home-based repair shop with the help of a former student, Lupe Barrera. Our focus/selling point is devotion to quality. Thus, AMSOlL was a perfect fit for our shop. The business has grown steadily over time.

Being back in my home state of Minnesota for a class reunion, my wife and I decided to tour the AMSOlL facility in Superior. This was such a good opportunity, and I flew Lupe up from our hometown of El Paso, his first plane trip. We called the plant and found that a group had already slotted a tour from Scott Davis. Mr. Davis, knowing we were far from home and on a tight schedule, arranged for Scott Morse to guide our tour, and he gave us a fantastic experience. I would recommend this plant tour for any AMSOlL Dealer.

Before signing off, let me offer a few product suggestions. The Assembly Lube would be more useful to our shop if offered in aerosol form. Also, as the Can- Am* off-road and Spyder* motorcycles have become more popular, I have longed for a 5W-40 oil, packaged for this application. Currently, we sell these customers the European Car Formula 5W-40 Classic Emissions System Protection Synthetic Motor Oil (EFM), but that is not as elegant of a solution as I would like. Thank you for this forum. I know the company cares what we think.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Vranish


Thank you for the kind words, Paul. We’re pleased you enjoyed your plant tour and we really appreciate both Scotts, too. Assembly Lube is specially formulated to tenaciously stick on bearings. Putting it in an aerosol form would require adding a solvent, compromising bearing protection. We’ve investigated adding a 5W-40 motorcycle oil for Can-Am and Spyder applications, but the demand just isn't sufficient at this point. We will continue to monitor Dealer requests. As an alternative, many customers use Formula 4-Stroke® Power Sports Synthetic Motor Oil (AFF) or 10W-40 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil (AUV40) in these applications.

Canadian Customer

I'm not a Dealer, but a consumer. As an auto enthusiast, I have a collection of high-end cars and belong to several auto clubs. For considerable years I have sought out AMSOlL products for many of my maintenance applications.

However, I always have extreme difficulty in obtaining them at a competitive price. I do have an AMSOlL (USA) web account. However, being in Canada it is cost- prohibitive with customs and duties to ship directly to me as an end-consumer.

Recently, I saw a local ad online by one of your Dealers, who I contacted and we made arrangements to meet so I could purchase your SEVERE GEAR® 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube (SVG). He included a copy of the Dealer edition Magazine, ergo this letter.

I can buy your competitive products online, within Canada, shipped to my home in two days or less for considerably less. l'd rather not, but it's faster and cheaper so I sacrifice my preference for AMSOlL products. How can AMSOlL improve their online Canadian shopping experience? Retail and mortar outlets are disappearing. l'd like to be able to order a case of oil direct and have it here in two days like everything else I order online.

lan Williams


Thanks for your letter, lan. lt sounds like the AMSOlL Preferred Customer Program is a perfect fit. You can register as a P.C. for $30 ($20 U.S.) a year. Not only do you save up to 25 percent off retail pricing, you also receive free shipping on orders of $130 ($100 U.S.) or more, exclusive product offers, free gear, P.C. points and referral rewards. We have two distribution centers in Canada and consistently reach most customers within two-three business days. Contact your Dealer or check out www.amsoil.com/pc for more info. P.S. Watch for the new www.amsoil.ca in the months ahead.


I have a few suggestions for the website:

  1. Allow a person to email a cart to an individual. Many times, customers need help building an order. Allowing Dealers to build a cart and email it would be helpful.
  2. Allow the website to save carts, and name them. Sometimes I may build a cart for a customer, but hold on to that cart until they are ready. Building, naming and saving carts is helpful in these situations.
  3. Most of my orders are for customers. They purchase through me. lt would be helpful if the site showed the Dealer price and the MSRP side by side throughout the process. Currently, I have to build the cart, then log in and find out my price, shipping and tax. Having the MSRP and the Dealer price listed together throughout the process would help me move through quotes quicker.

Thank You,
Roger Story


Thank you for your feedback, Roger. The capability to save, name and email carts is currently under consideration for future development. Currently you can generate quotes by filling out the EZ Online Order Form, then creating and sharing a detailed PDF with your customer or prospect. The EZ Online Order Form may also be used to show suggested retail pricing next to Dealer pricing. Simply check the “Display Suggested Retail Pricing” option.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
As an Amsoil dealer I earn from qualifying purchases.
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