From the President's Desk March 2020

June 22, 2022

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Generally speaking, things are moving in a positive direction for AMSOIL. The overall business is growing, including U.S. Dealer sales, Wind, Industrial and International. AMSOIL products are now available in 70 countries. These are positive signs of the company’s growing strength.

Amsoil President Alan Amatuzio
Alan Amatuzio

Another indicator of positive momentum is the high number of inquiries I receive about selling the company or adding AMSOIL products to the shelves in national chains. Some are extremely attractive offers that would make AMSOIL a household name in no time. I am flattered by such offers, but I have no interest in selling the company or going into big retail. I personally enjoy it here, plus it’s part of my family legacy. And I know that no other entity would respect you the way I do. You are important to me to continue growing the company using independent businesspeople, and it's my own personal challenge to increase the value of that opportunity and generate new levels of success for more AMSOIL Dealers. I have an entrepreneur’s heart, so I have deep respect for those willing to take a risk, work hard and do what it takes to run a business. I admire the desire to get ahead that drives people into action. Many of you possess those traits, and I don’t want someone else to disrupt that.

While we are succeeding in some areas, there are warning signs in others. Sales in Canada continue to lag, for example We have initiated several tactics to fight that trend, the most recent of which being the new Canadian website, It is extremely important that we resume growth in Canada. I remain hopeful that together, we can turn things around soon.

You cannot wait for sales to decline before you respond. That’s Business 101. You must keep vigilant watch over sales and market trends and make continual adjustments to maintain positive momentum. Adjusting after a downturn means you're playing catchup, which is much more difficult. That's one reason why you can expect continual incremental changes in all areas of the company for the foreseeable future. We are examining everything in search of issues we can fix or improvements we can make.

For example, we are looking at ways to increase the value of a Dealership, increase commissions for early-stage Dealers and simplify the commission plan. You can imagine how that would help you when introducing the AMSOIL business to prospective new Dealers.

We have some excellent, hard-charging new Dealers who are generating new business and sowing the seeds of a great future for themselves, but we have far too few of them. Our recruitment efforts are attracting new Dealers, and our new-Dealer onboarding program has made a difference, but not enough We are working hard to develop new Dealers who are engaged, eager and prepared. We are building more training to aid in those areas, but there’s no sub- stitute for the effect you can have with one-on-one interaction and coaching. Your influence is crucial for setting them on the right path. Meanwhile, we will continue to fine-tune these initiatives, in- troduce new ones and adapt in any way necessary to stimulate Dealer activity.

The changes we have made are working. The proof is in the growth of the company and the commission checks for many of you. If your commission checks are not growing, I encourage you to keep pushing forward and build on what has worked or try something different if what you are doing is not working. Immerse yourself in the business. Walk and talk AMSOIL everywhere and in everything you do. We will continue doing our part by building and improving our programs with the focus on your success So we can win together.

Alan Amatuzio
President & CEO

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
As an Amsoil dealer I earn from qualifying purchases.
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