Pikes Peak Summit & Win in Crandon OH

July 11, 2022

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Pikes Peak Summit & Win in Crandon OH
Weather prevents Scott Birdsall from resetting his Pikes Peak diesel record. Kyle Chaney performs at AMSOIL Championship Off-Road Series.

Happy summer race fans! Can you believe it’s already America’s birthday? It seems like we were just kicking off summer with the start of the AMSOIL Championship Off-Road season. A little follow up on that to come.

But first let’s delve into news about our newest Team AMSOIL member, Scott Birdsall, and regale his latest attempt to summit Pike’s Peak in record time, all while dubbed “best dressed on the mountain” in a pretty bad a** LMP1 (that runs with AMSOIL).

Scott Birdsall's Pikes Peak Diesel LMP1

The Mountain Said No

When Scott Birdsall flipped his snowboarding career to car racing, Pike’s Peak was just something he grew up watching with his dad on TV. Then, in 2017, he set his sites on the illustrious summit. After two failed attempts, Birdsall succeeded at resetting the diesel record in 2020, breaking the record set in 2015.

He returned looking to reset his own record with a new vehicle. After experiencing some cooling issues during practice rounds, Birdsall was faced with another, less-controllable obstacle on race day, weather. Rain, low visibility and fog all led Birdsall to know going into his run that he was not likely to reset the record. But he reached the summit, a feat itself, and he leaves knowing that the LMP1 is capable of putting the diesel record up where it’s hard to reach.

Birdsall’s previous record-setting vehicle, Old Smokey, also reached the summit with driver Aaron Kaufman behind the wheel.

Team AMSOIL was along for the climb. See all the action unfold below.

Chuckles Garage at Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Episode 1

Gettin’ ‘er done at the Big House

Scheuring Speed Sports’ Kyle Chaney didn’t have the breakout start to the AMSOIL Championship Off-Road season that everyone had hoped for. A mechanical issue forced him off the track in round one after leading for the fist half of the race. Chaney returned with a vengeance to prove his opening was just a fluke, running away with the lead in rounds two, three and four. Another milestone for the 2022 UTV King of the Hammers Champ? His first win at Crandon Raceway. Good thing he trusts AMSOIL to get him around Turn 1 and through to the finish line.

Turbo Series SXS Road 4 Amsoil Championship Off-Road Series

In the staging area

As we dive into summer there is plenty more Team AMSOIL excitement to be had. Swap Moto hits up famed Glen Helen Raceway for the final round of the AMSOIL West Coast Open July 10. AMSOIL Championship Off-Road will head to ERX Motorpark July 15-16. July 22 kicks off AMSOIL Sprint Car Sprint Week. And rounding out the month of July is the Red Bull High Desert Scramble in central Utah.

Stay up to date (and get all the behind-the-scenes action) on Team AMSOIL by following our social channels.

We’ll see you at the races!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
As an Amsoil dealer I earn from qualifying purchases.
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