May – 2013 – Amsoil Magazine Redesign

I’m sure you discovered that last month’s problem of Amsoil Magazine featured a fresh layout for the Monthly Leaders area. The main aim of the redesign was supposed to expand the scope and supply recognition for a broader variety of Sellers. In addition, we transferred our Hall of Fame Sellers to the site as a means to supply added space to contain their biographies. Read More … Read More

Director of Amsoil Dealer Sales Rob Stenberg

Director of Dealer Sales Rob Stenberg lately coordinated a sales training seminar for about 25 Amsoil workers that are in one manner or another involved in marketing and sales. He introduced in a nationally celebrated sales training professional who focuses on storytelling as a crucial element of the sales process. I’m not going to go into details on this, other than to state that the Amsoil narrative is tailormade for this strategy. You’ll be learning more about this. Read More … Read More

Amsoil World Championship Snowmobile Derby

A contingent of Amsoil employees, including Race Program Manager Jeremy Meyer, returned recently from the Amsoil World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River, Wisconsin. This could be the greatest and most prestigious snowmobile competition in the whole world. It is billed as the “Indianapolis 500 of Snowmobile Racing,” which is fitting because my long time Read More … Read More

Multi Level Marketing

Amsoil is a multi-level marketing company established in 1973 and made the shift to a direct sales distribution model. Amsoil Dealers could now fulfill face-to-face with consumers, take the time to describe the benefits and convey the worth the product delivered. Sales took off as well as the future looked bright. Multi-Level-Marketing gives the smaller companies a chance to compete with the larger ones. read more… Read More … Read More