Tremblay Tames Teammate in Amsoil Dominator®

Tremblay Snocross Tames Teammate

Tremblay Snocross Tames Teammate

On the Box with Jeremy Meyer

The IHRA was formed as a direct competitor of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). New ownership has implemented several philosophical changes that are generating great buzz and bringing the organization back to its roots. Newformats, including some that will have a lasting impact on the future of the popular Nitro Jam series, will help bring more competitive racing to fans this year. New ownership and management have taken the sport back to its founding days and, with the addition of nearly 20 tracks over the past few years, the IHRA is an exciting market for drag racing fans.

NitroJam events averaged nearly 20,000 fans last year, and the organization has rebuilt the grassroots-based Summit Sportsman series, offering purses and class structures that outshine the competition. As the Official Oil of the IHRA, we hope you put the organization on your list in 2014.

AMSOIL riders square off for $10,000 at season opener

Team AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports rider Tim Tremblay opened the 2013-14 AMSOIL Championship Snocross (ACS) season with a convincing $10,000 AMSOIL DOMINATOR®win over teammate Robbie Malinoski.

The fan-friendly race included the top 16 snocross riders in the world squaring off head-to-head in a tournament format. To win, Tremblay had to survive four tough rounds of two-lap sprints, including a final battle against veteran teammate Malinoski.

"I'm really happy with this win," Tremblay said. "Winning the AMSOIL DOMINATOR against my teammate in the hometown of AMSOIL; it just doesn't get any better.

"It was tough to face Robbie in the final because you know the race is going to get crazy and you might hit each other at some point. We're in the same trailer, so obviously we wanted to be safe, but we both still went for it and it just happened to work out a little better for me this time."

For the riders, the event offers a unique start to the season.

"The DOMINATOR is such a crazy format," said Malinoski. "You don't have time to get tired, but your heart rate is right up there. Youjust go all-out every time because there's no reason to save energy for later in the race or anything like that. It's different and a lot of fun."

EveryAMSOIL Championship Snocrossevent will be aired liveon ACS action also airs on CBS Sports Network.

Check for schedules.

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TORC Series Set to Expand Reach in 2014

Amsoil Arenacross and Monster Engery Supercross

New Ownership Brings Passion, New Venues to New Year

When BJ Birtwell and his company, the Armory, took over the reigns of the TORCSeries presented by AMSOIL last fall, he wanted to ramp up the steady growth the series had worked on for the past five years. New venues and a sophisticated marketing plan are major parts of his program. After just a few months, the industry is taking notice.

"Short-course gets in your blood, and all you want to do is be a part of it," Birtwell told Dirt Sports Nation last month. "But you can't be guided by passion alone; it needs to be balanced with rationality. And when I looked at the Armory's capabilities and what TORC needed more of, it became clear that there was an opportunity for us to build on the solid foundation of what TORC had already been creating."

TORC announced its 2014 schedule in early December, with several notable additions. For the first time in history an off-road series will head to the Black Hills of South Dakota, with two nights of racing at the popular Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the middle of the largest motorcycle rally in the world.

Alongside a return to Charlotte, N.C., TORC will break new ground in middle America. Two nights of racing will take place at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis May 17-18.

"You can see the Gateway Arch and St. Louis skyline from the track," said Birtwell. "It's a great location and the proximity to downtown will make the race weekend a lot of fun for race teams and fans. Both of these tracks (Sturgis and St. Louis) will be 'Crandonesque' and purposed to showcase the full capabilities of these trucks.

After opening the season in Las Vegas, the series will make its annual stops at Bark River and Crandon, including a season-ending showdown for the fifth annual AMSOIL Cup.

"What better place to finish the TORC season than in Crandon," said Birtwell. "It's the largest event in all of short course off-road racing and certainly deserving of the 'World Championships' moniker. If you haven't made it to Crandon yet for a race, make 2014 your year to check it off your bucket list. You won't be disappointed."

Amsoil ArenaCross

2014 TORC Series Schedule
Las Vegas, NV Primm Off-Road Raceway April 5-6
Charlotte, NC Charlotte Motor Speedway April 25-26
St. Louis, MO Gateway Motorsports Park May 17-18
Crandon, WI Crandon International Off-Road Raceway June 28-29
Bark River, MI Bark River International Raceway July 19-20
Sturgis, SC Sturgis Buffalo Chip August 5-6
Crandon, WI Crandon International Off-Road Raceway August 30-31

The Studies Behind Fuel Economy

Dan Peterson Vice President Technical Development

Dan Peterson
Vice President
Technical Development

Synthetic lubricants deliver maximum fuel efficiency.

Accurately measuring fuel-economy gains, however is extremely difficult.

I have a confession to make: I am on my way to becoming a grouchy old man. Not the type who is grouchy with people, just with situations that make me feel helpless. One of these situations happens every two weeks while shelling out a fortune for gas at the pump. I understand that the early symptoms of “grouchy-old-man syndrome” start at age 50 and appear as incoherent mumbling at the gas pump when the receipt comes out. “Forty-nine bucks to fill this little tank! Someone should go to jail.” I think we all struggle with putting so much money into gasoline or diesel fuel every month, but it is a reality we face.

Still, we want some level of control over our financial lives, so many of us look for ways to reduce fuel consumption and regain some control. In fact, one of the reasons people choose to buy AMSOIL products is for the fuel-economy benefits. So how do you verify that you are enjoying fuel economy benefits from any product or technology? Everyone probably does it a little differently.

The important inputs for fuel economy are the number of miles traveled and the amount of fuel used. One common method is to record how many miles you drove between fill ups. If you record the amount of fuel you put in the vehicle when you fill up and the amount of miles driven since the last fill up, you get a rough idea of fuel economy by dividing the trip miles by the gallons pumped into the tank - assuming you filled the tank to the brim at the last fill up. There are variables that affect this calculation – the ability to fill to the same level each time the accuracy of the meter on the pump, the octane value of the fuel going into the vehicle, the ethanol content of the fuel, etc. All affect the recorded amount of fuel you use. An alternative method is using the fuel mileage gauge on your vehicle. With this method, you can actually measure fuel-economy differences affected by driving routines on the same tank of fuel.

Another big variable affecting the amount of fuel consumed is driving conditions. We all know that non-hybrid vehicles get much better fuel economy in highway driving compared to city driving. It takes a lot of fuel to start a vehicle and get it going from a dead stop. So when you examine fuel economy on your last tank of fuel, do you count the number of times you stopped and started the vehicle in city driving to make sure it was equal to the last tank of fuel? What about the number of hills? Wind? It makes a big difference! Is there really a difference in fuel economy between driving 65 mph and 68 mph? It can't add up to much right? Let's take a look at a recent example (see chart below).

Grouchy-Old-Man 2010 Ford Fusion
Time Time Speed Fuel Economy per Dash Gauge
1:15 p.m. - 1:40 p.m. 65 mph 32.4
1:41 p.m. - 2:06 p.m. 68 mph 31.8
2:07 p.m. - 2:32 p.m. 72 mph 30.2
2:35 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 65 mph 32.2
3:02 p.m. - 3:27 p.m. 68 mph 31.5
3:30 p.m. - 3:55 p.m. 72 mph 30.4
Equipped with resettable fuel economy gauge and a very understanding spouse
• Highway Driving Conditions • Relatively Flat Terrain • Headwinds 10-15MPH
• Cruise Control Set • Measured in 25-Minute Increments

So it looks like there is a difference in fuel economy in my 2010 Ford Fusion driving 68 mph vs. 65 mph. On average it’s about 0.7 mpg or 2.3 percent. It looks like increasing my speed to 72 mph decreases fuel economy by 2.0 mpg or 6.2 percent from the 65 mph level.

If I am looking to verify a 5 percent improvement in fuel economy by using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, I need to be pretty careful and try to control every variable possible. Even a 3 mph difference affects fuel economy by 2.3 percent. In reality, it is very difficult to control all the variables affecting fuel economy. Most of the time, the variability in driving routines, equipment condition, fuel quality, tire pressure, wind conditions, outside temperature, etc. create so much change that it is almost impossible to clearly see a 5 percent fuel economy difference due to a lubricant change.

What we do know is that, under controlled conditions, there are significant differences between using lower-quality petroleum lubricants and correctly designed synthetic lubricants. The data is overwhelming and it makes logical sense, but all the other variables affecting fuel economy get in the way sometimes. The need to improve fuel economy is not going away, so let’s continue to help the other grumpy old men in the world who hate going to fuel up improve fuel economy with products and information on all the variables affecting mpg.

Letters to the Editor January 2014

Prospect Database
My wife and I do a lot of trade shows, car shows, swap meets, etc. Recently, I talked to a gentleman about setting up a commercial account for his business (about 35 trucks). We talked for about an hour, and he was very interested. He was ready to sign up, but received an emergency call regarding his business and had to leave. I gave him my info and said I would call him Monday. My problem is, sometime after he left and before I called, he went online somewhere other than my website and got hooked up with someone else. By Monday, he was a protected account. This has happened to us before; we sow the seed, but someone else reaps the harvest.

Email letters to:
Or, mail them to:
Communications Department
Attn: Letters
925 Tower Avenue
Superior, WI 54880
Letters are subject to editing for length
and clarity; please include your name,
address and phone number.

What we as Dealers need is a database where we can enter the prospect’s info, and it is protected for at least 45 days, much like a T-1 lead. If something like this existed, we would have done this at the end of the day, when we registered the Preferred Customers and Dealers we signed up that day.

Thank you,
Dale C Green

Leads are not considered protected, although AMSOIL will not refer other Dealers to previously assigned T-1 leads. They are free to contact and work with other Dealers, and do not gain protected status until they purchase products or register as Dealers, Preferred Customers or accounts. This is not likely to change in the future. In fact, when prospects are really interested in AMSOIL products or marketing programs it’s not unusual for them to contact multiple Dealers to validate recommendations, prices, services and program options to determine who they like best. While this particular situation didn’t work out in your favor, you should not be discouraged. Many customers you have met at public events may have initially learned about AMSOIL products from other Dealers, retail accounts, sponsored racers or satisfied customers. They likely had the opportunity to work with other Dealers, but they chose you. All Dealers win and lose some prospects. The key to success isn’t protection, but offering a higher level of professional service so customers want to work with you compared to the other available options.

Retail Catalog
I have a little problem with the updating of the Retail Catalog (G100); when a new catalog comes about, I order some, then the next thing I know they are obsolete. this is not financially advantageous, and it would be nice if there was a way of returning the obsolete catalogs to obtain a discount on the new catalogs. Mind you that the price of the catalogs is not out of line, but any cost savings is cost savings.

Robert F McGlynn Jr.

AMSOIL would not be able to offer this service while maintaining current catalog prices. Keep in mind that new catalogs are released every April and October and are available individually and in packages of 100 and 300. Our best advice is to plan accordingly. In addition, unless product prices change, older catalogs are generally still usable.

Mixing Guidelines
I recently acquired a new customer who asked a question I couldn’t answer. He is now using Premium Protection 10W- 40 Synthetic Motor Oil (AMO) in an older vehicle and Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (ASL) in a newer car. I told him how if he ever topped off either engine with a conventional oil, the oil and filter should be changed ASAP. That prompted him to ask what would happen if he ever topped off either engine with the wrong viscosity AMSOIL synthetic motor oil. (He is like me – getting old and forgetful.) Anyway, logic told me there would only be a slight oil viscosity change; that he’d still be using the best oil and filter available. But I only told him I’d look into the situation.

Steve Hart

There is no need to worry about a single random mistake topping off (less than one quart) either vehicle with the wrong viscosity oil. There is no need to change the oil and filter, and you do not have to worry about affecting the drain interval. Premium Protection 10W-40 contains an additive (ZDDP) at a level above the maximum allowed by the current API SN motor oil specification. Over extended periods of time, excessive amounts of phosphorus (a component of ZDDP) can reduce the effectiveness of the catalyst surface in the catalytic converter (found in newer vehicles), making it less effective. However, this process happens over a long period and there is no need to worry about a one-time mistake of topping off with the wrong oil. If you top off with a conventional motor oil, you cannot extend the drain interval per AMSOIL recommendations. Instead, change both the oil and filter at the manufacturers’ recommended change intervals.

European Vehicle Brochure/Retail Account Incentives
There are a lot of European cars out there, but customers are hard to approach as they do not know that AMSOIL offers three lubricants for their needs. It would be nice to have a tri-fold brochure (100 packs) on just the European cars to help with these potential customers.

On another note, did you ever consider having a one-time banner/sales literature giveaway for new motorcycle/boat retail accounts, similar to what is offered to car garages on a minimum of five cases ordered.

Bruce Low

Thank you for your suggestions.

A new European vehicles handout is now available in the AMSOIL Print Center (click the Print Center icon in the Dealer Zone). An increasing number of Dealers have suggested replicating the current banner kit program for the motorcycle market, and we have been discussing the best way to approach this. The idea of developing a program for the marine market is in the research and discussion phase as well.

Amsoil Continued Product Delevopment Increases Sales Opportunities for Amsoil Dealers

Amsoil Executives - Al + Alan Amatuzio and Dean Alexander

Al + Alan Amatuzio and Dean Alexander

We have another year behind us now and can look back at 2013 with a major sense of accomplishment. The highlight, of course, was the celebration of our 40 years as a multi-level-marketing company. It is hard to believe it has been that long since our very first AMSOIL Dealers came on board and began what would become a wonderful journey of opportunity and success. I cannot possibly express how gratifying it has been to witness the efforts of the countless Dealers who have realized their dreams through the AMSOIL business opportunity. It is equally gratifying to know that countless more will follow.

Our job now is to build on the many accomplishments we saw this past year. We can all look forward with optimism.

First, Dealers can be assured that our efforts in product development will continue to provide sales opportunities across the full spectrum of markets. This past year alone saw the introduction of several new products and the repackaging and repositioning of others. We expanded our Signature Series family to include Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid and Fuel Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. These oils excel in demanding conditions, and we have heard from Dealers who are already finding great success in those markets where towing, severe-service and other high-heat applications are common.

The addition of OE Automatic Transmission Fluid opens doors of opportunity, as well. These products deliver the performance of advanced synthetic technology at a cost attractive to virtually all consumers. Like our OE Motor Oil, they are priced right for installers, and all Dealers should remain aggressive in expanding their penetration in this market.

Opportunities in the diesel market have also expanded with the reformulation of our Diesel Injector Clean and Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow. These products do an outstanding job of cleaning traditional injector deposits and now, with reformulations, the tough-to-remove deposits we are seeing in modern high-pressure common-rail diesel engines. Plus, the bold new packaging catches eyes from the retail shelf. Our aerosols were also repackaged with a clean, consistent look. AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil was introduced, appealing to cost-conscious consumers, and our grease line was expanded to reach additional markets. I could go on. The point is, more opportunities in more markets mean more sales.

Dealers can be assured that our efforts in product development will continue to provide sales opportunities across the full spectrum of markets.

Dealers can also be assured we will remain firmly committed to reinvesting in the company. Significant investments were made this past year in a full range of projects. Most notable was our new mechanical lab. This facility features three 480-square foot dynamometer cells capable of housing a minimum of two dynos each. It is truly state-of-the-art and is rivaled only by facilities owned by major equipment manufacturers and additive companies. We now have the ability to conduct virtually all of our performance testing on-site, allowing quicker turn-around and more thorough test results. We can also modify test conditions to measure variables we were unable to measure at outside facilities. All of this will allow us to create marketing materials that Dealers can use to generate sales.

Substantial investment was also made in field testing. Our Las Vegas Taxi Cab Field Study reveals the results of a grueling 18-vehicle, 1.2-million-mile marathon test. It demonstrates conclusively that AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oil and AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid provide superior protection against sludge and wear for extended drain intervals in the most demanding operating conditions.

You can be sure, also, that AMSOIL will continue our investments in strengthening brand awareness. We will again have significant presence in both niche and mainstream publications, including Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics. A full stable of racers will be wearing the AMSOIL colors, and we’ll gain considerable television exposure through the racing series we sponsor. Those people who attend the major motorcycle rallies will again see Amsoil as the official oil and our presence in social media will continue to gain momentum.

Bottom line, the company is doing all it can to support our Dealers’ efforts. It’s now up to Dealers to do all they can to cash in on the opportunities.

Alan Amatuzio
President and CEO, Amsoil Inc.

Attend the AMSOIL 40th Anniversary Convention July 18-20

Amsoil Home Dealership

Amsoil Home Dealership

Join AMSOIL in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Dealer network July 18-20, 2013 in Duluth, Minn. In conjunction with the convention AMSOIL is also offering an abbreviated AMSOIL University (AU), featuring the Core Technology curriculum, July 16-18.

For each new customer registered and qualified through March 31, Dealers are eligible for cash, products and giveaways, including the following:

2013 AGGRAND Training Meetings

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers

AMSOIL is once again conducting three winter AGGRAND training meetings at the locations listed below. Registration is free and open to Dealers of all levels. Corporate staff will be on hand to conduct sessions in fertilizer basics, AGGRAND product selection and much more. Meeting content will focus on AGGRAND only. Dealers interested in expanding their profit potential through the AGGRAND product line are strongly encouraged to attend. Training materials and refreshments will be provided.

Pre-registration is recommended to help determine meeting room and catering accommodations. To pre-register, click the “Training” tab in the Dealer Zone, then click “Corporate Events.”

2013 AGGRAND Training Meetings Schedule

New BMK28 Dual-Remote Oil Filtration Kit for 6.7L Ford Diesel Applications

AmsoilDualRemotebyPassFilterVersatile system combines full-flow and by-pass filters on a single, easy-to-install mount. Includes EaO26 Ea® Oil Filter, EaBP100 Ea By-Pass Filter and appropriate spin-on adapter for 6.7L Ford diesel applications.

New Distribution Center Hours Will Improve Service

After tracking order flow, shipping performance and walk-in traffic for over a year, AMSOIL has decided to shift its distribution center extended hours from Thursday evening to Monday evening, effective February 4. Monday’s operation will open at 9 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. (The Superior Distribution Center will open at 8 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.) The change accomplishes three primary goals:

Distribution Center Schedule

Superior Distribution Center Schedule

Piggyback Advertising’ Creates Valuable AMSOIL Exposure

Walker Evans Wheels and Shocks

Walker Evans Wheels and Shocks

Through sponsorship of successful race teams and series, as well as its extensive advertising efforts, AMSOIL has successfully increased brand awareness and helped Dealers promote their businesses and increase sales. However, for the millions of impressions AMSOIL sponsorships and advertising generate, millions more are created through “piggyback” advertising. Whenever a fellow sponsor of an AMSOIL racer or series promotes the sponsorship, AMSOIL and AMSOIL Dealers benefit through additional AMSOIL logo exposure. For example, this Walker Evans advertisement in the January 2013 issue of Dirt Sports features Team AMSOIL off-road racer Scott Douglas.

See the January AMSOIL Magazine for more information.