Amsoil Commercial Account Application


AMSOIL commercial accounts, such as landscapers, trucking companies and taxi fleets, buy AMSOIL products at the lowest possible prices for use in their business vehicles and equipment. Plus you automatically earn purchase discounts based on your cumulative order total. Establishing a commercial account is simple and the benefits immense.
Use Amsoil in Company Equipment
Amsoil Offers Protection for your Investment


AMSOIL synthetic lubricants deliver proven wear protection in the most demanding vehicles and equipment. By guarding against wear, they maximize engine and component life to help you get the most return on your investment.


AMSOIL synthetic lubricants deliver additional savings by reducing downtime, maximizing fuel economy and lowering overall lubricant costs.
Amsoil Saves On Maintenance Costs
Amsoil Has an Extensive Product Line


AMSOIL offers everything from advanced synthetic drivetrain lubricants to premium fuel additives. The complete AMSOIL product line ensures all your vehicles and equipment are protected.


Accounts are serviced by independent AMSOIL Dealers available to help map out a lubrication program designed to maximize vehicle performance while saving money. AMSOIL INC. corporate personnel are also available to offer technical and administrative support. You can order directly from AMSOIL INC. or through your servicing Dealer. Qualified accounts may also apply for credit with AMSOIL, simplifying the payment process.
Amsoil Personalized Service
Companies purchasing lubricants for use in company vehicles or equipment, qualify for an AMSOIL Commercial Account. The AMSOIL Commercial Account enables you to purchase AMSOIL Products at wholesale commercial prices, which is up to 35% below retail price, exclusively for use in your business vehicles or equipment. Factory Direct Wholesale Pricing for Your Business! Businesses buying lubricants for use in company vehicles or equipment, qualify for an AMSOIL Commercial Account.
The AMSOIL Commercial Account lets you buy AMSOIL Products at wholesale commercial costs, which is up to 35% below retail cost, alone to be used in your company vehicles or equipment.

Who Should Apply for a Commercial Account?

  • Trucking Companies
  • Taxi Fleets
  • Golf Courses
  • Farms
  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities
  • Government Agencies

Deep Discounts plus Savings from Less Down time and Extended Drain Interval

AMSOIL realizes the need to keep business operating cost to the bare minimum. The account provides only that! Get your account today to take advantage of the enormous savings.Extended drain period properties of AMSOIL lubricants saves hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mean fleet. Drain intervals can be indefinitely extended by fleets based on oil investigation, when vehicles are equipped with our discretionary bypass filtration setup.
We can show you in numbers!Contact us for Cost Analysis: Do you want to learn how much your company can save by switching to AMSOIL lubricants? Please send us an email detailing company vehicles and equipments. We will work out a cost analysis custom report for your company. AMSOIL is widely used in commercial application. AMSOIL can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for your company. We will show you how your company can take advantage of AMSOIL products.

Does your business qualify? If so let's get started!

  • The account set-up is totally free!
  • There are no minimum order requirements!
Fill out the commercial account form and we will process your application generally within 2 business days.
Note: Commercial Accounts are for private company use only. Not for resell. If you would like to resell the products please fill out the Retail Account Application.
Once you download the Universal Sales Tax Certificate (G-495) tax exemption form and have completed it please submit it here.
Note: Don't mail in the (G-495) form until account has been approved.
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