February 4, 2021

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  • Premium-grade, extreme-pressure gear lube engineered specifically for high-load demands.
  • Shear stable in extreme temperatures.
  • Provides cushion between metal surfaces that absorbs impact to prevent pitting, scoring and wear.
  • Excellent for severe racing applications subject to shock loading, steep angles, high pinions, G-forces and lubricant sling-off.

Use in API GL-5, hypoid gear applications that require higher-viscosity oil, including off-road race trucks, rock racers and crawlers, competition tractors, funny cars, dragsters and heavy equipment. Where limited-slip performance is required, use AMSOIL Slip Lock® limited-slip additive.

Protects Against Wear

  • Extra-heavy treatment of additives and shear-stable, heavy synthetic base oils promote increased film strength for maximum wear protection.
  • Cushions metal surfaces and absorbs impact of moving parts.
  • Proprietary extreme-pressure additives form an iron-sulfide barrier on gear surfaces for the ultimate line of defense against wear, pitting and scoring.

Provides Fast Startup Protection

  • Does not contain waxes that solidify in the cold inherent to conventional oils, meaning it provides excellent fluidity despite its high viscosity to quickly reach gears and bearings at startup.
  • Superior fluidity reduces viscous drag and energy loss, helping drivers put maximum power to the ground.

Clings Tenaciously To Parts

  • Specifically engineered for high-horsepower, high-torque conditions where centrifugal gear lube sling-off is encountered.
  • Tenacious formulation clings to gears and bearings for maximum protection during shock loading, high G-forces and when ring and pinion gears are run at steep angles.
  • Provides excellent reliability and helps extend gear life.
Amsoil Severe Geare® Extreme Pressure SAE250 SRT Buy Now/Pricing Information

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
As an Amsoil dealer I earn from qualifying purchases.
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