AMSOIL a commitment to innovation and sustainability

As one of the select independently owned oil companies, we have consistently distinguished ourselves from the major oil corporations. We preserve the liberty to create products prioritizing performance over price. This approach has yielded a comprehensive range of full-synthetic lubricants that enable you to maximize vehicle performance, power, and speed.

Amsoil Innovation Allen Amatuzio
Amsoil Founder Alan Amatuzio

A Passion for Lubricant Perfection

AMSOIL’s dedication to developing top-quality synthetic lubricants has solidified its reputation as a leader in the industry. Their products have proven to deliver exceptional performance in various markets, earning them a loyal customer base. By continuously striving for innovation, AMSOIL sets a high standard for excellence in the lubricant industry.

A Spirit of Determination

Commit to achieving your goals and aspirations. Dedication and perseverance will lead to success.

Customer Commitment

A sell to the customer means nothing without their satisfaction.

Performance that Lives up to its Promise

Fulfill your commitments. Trust and loyalty are nurtured through integrity.

Collaboration and Professionalism as the Pillars of Our Culture

Collaborate with one another and uphold stringent expectations for ourselves.

Building on a Bedrock of Proficiency and Originality

Continuously acquire knowledge. The loop of mastery and creativity is endless.

‘Dream About
Something! Go ahead!’

‘I Dreamed About Being Successful With This Synthetic Oil’ – Alan Amatuzio

An array of resources

Amsoil has an array of resources fitting all your lubrication needs from motor oils to tractor oil to transmission fluid and a complete line of gear oil. Their product list is virtually endless.

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